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5L Sesame Oil + Turmeric + Coriander + Chilli Powders - SDPMart

5L Sesame Oil + Turmeric + Coriander + Chilli Powders

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SDPMart Chekko Sesame oil is high in Vitamin-E and low in saturated fat. Chekko Sesame Oil has a good amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that give them unique taste and color. Chekko Sesame Oil is ideal for taking oil massage.

Sourced from Salem, Tamil Nadu, India – this turmeric is one of the most powerful spices and Ayurveda’s favorite ingredients. The bright yellow spice is high in Curcumin content (>3%) and gives an earthy taste with citrusy bitterness and a pinch of pepper.

It is also called Haldi in India and is used as a go-to fix for several health problems and minor cuts. It is a strong antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

SDPMart's Chilli Powder is 100% natural and procured directly from the local farmers in Southern India. The Chillies are sun dried, powdered, and packed hygienically. It is rich in protein and Vitamin C. No artificial colors are used.

SDPMart’s Coriander powder is 100% natural and procured directly from the local farmers.  Coriander seeds are dry roasted to improve the flavor, aroma, pungency, then powdered and packed hygienically. No artificial colors are added. Coriander seeds contain significant amounts of magnesium, calcium, manganese, selenium and dietary fiber.